Which URL is best for SEO – www or non-www?

Which URL is best for SEO – www or non-www?

Whether you are an astute or random Google surfer, you might have noticed “www” at the starting of any domain name. Isn’t it strange that many websites don’t have “www” in their domain names! Why so? These are some of the basic facets of online marketing everyone should know before approaching any of the best SEO company in India.

There have been numerous guidelines about SEO services on the web, but limited & improper information about domains with “www” prefix or no prefix.

As a searcher, you may think, this doesn’t make any difference. That’s true, but for a web designer, SEO nerds, and content writers, it makes a huge difference. To get answers to your all why, how, & what kinds of questions, keep on reading this article attentively.

WWW stands for World Wide Web that we all know. It is a service that operates over the internet, but many people have misinformation as – it’s a synonym for the internet.

Anyways, let’s not dig deep into the history of the internet & WWW. Moving to which one is the best for SEO.

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Domain name with www or not? – What could be right?

As per the past research, among 2 billion websites globally, 400 million of them are active. However, the statistic is continuously growing and when it’s about the current condition, the ratio is beyond imagination. There are numerous new websites in construction and some of them are made for personal use, whereas others are for business or marketing purpose. Those designing the latter decides on whether to SEO with www or not.

Whether you are selecting www or not depends highly on the SEO type you want to implement. Figuring out the difference in choices is not that easy, so it’s necessary to know the basics.

Difference between a domain name with www or not

Usually, a non-www domain is considered a naked domain. On the other hand, the www domains act as a hostname and they have a lot of subdomains in the attachment. For example, ‘mail.yahoo.com’ or ‘mail.google.com’ includes two domains each.

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Back in years when there is the starting of the internet, most of the URLs start with www and it was a typical sub-domain. With time, websites start naming without the www. That could affect the fact that people don’t prefer typing www while they search for any website on the web. In a simple word, there is no difference if you search website through www or not. We usually don’t type www and just directly type the website name without www. The preference is quite brand-centric, but if you look a bit deep into it, there is some technical reason behind assigning a URL with the www prefix.

Websites with a URL can easily adjust to DNS and they restrict cookies when they utilize any other domains. On the contrary, there are no such benefits for non-www domain websites.

SEO with or without www – centre or buzz!

Google doesn’t have any specific preference for a website with www or non-www – John Mueller and Dr Pete Meyers denoted. They added, “There are actually minimal SEO implications.” The decision between whether to choose www or non-www is for a brand and a targeted audience. Any new site doesn’t impact through such choices.    

However, it’s believed that there are small implications that could make a difference over enough search volume. The buzz about whether to choose the www or non-www URL is still an elephant in the room.

SEO nerds have different opinions about it, but somehow, selection of non-www URLs impact on user experience, resolve naming confusions, server-side 301 redirects, and canonical tags.

To get enough guidance regarding website URL, design, development, content, and many more factors that affect online ranking, connect with the best SEO company that can boost you up.

Any questions, please?