7 Major Mistakes Most DIY Car Detailers Make

7 Major Mistakes Most DIY Car Detailers Make

Going for DIY Car Detailing Melbourne Cbd? If yes, consider the following mistakes that are often made by car owners who self-detail their car than taking it to the professionals.

  1. Low Protection

When you start cleaning your vehicle, prepare yourself first. Some car washing agents could cause your allergies. So take a small patch test before even starting using any cleaning agent. You can also consider other safety precautions such as gloves, mask, apron, and right footwear so that you don’t directly come in contact with a cleaning agent.

  1. Clay bars

Clay bars are used to get rid of scratches and stains from the exterior of the car, but it is the biggest mistake that most of the detailers make. Just clear the purpose of the bar before even using it. It removes bird dropping, tree sap, and stains settled on the car’s exterior.

  1. Using Sealant/Wax on Trim

Buff And Polish Car Products such as sealants and waxes are not suitable for the trims. However, you must avoid applying these agents on your black trims because it can make their colour to fade away. All you have to do is apply the masking tape to such sensitive places or stay 1 inch away from the trims. As you care for your car a lot, go for the best brands and if you are seeking a product that can add glossiness in no time, choose acrylic spray sealant and wax.

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  1. Dish Soap

Never substitute a dish soap for car washing shampoo. Dish soap is for your utensils, not for the gentle metal of your car.

Dish soaps are meant to clean oily and greasy dishes, which means these acts harshly on the surfaces. Using such harsh soap on the exterior of your car can remove the glossiness as well.

So never use dish soap for your car’s exterior ever.

  1. Microfiber Towels

Do you use your old shirt as a cleaning towel for your car? If yes, you might not be getting the expected results to form your car cleaning. Use only Microfiber towels to clean the car thoroughly.

The point to note here is the microfiber towels are made with a blend of polyamide and polyester fibres. The best ratio of these towels is 80:20 that provides you with the best results for multi-purposes when it comes to clean your car in the best way.

So don’t stick to your old shirts and use only microfiber towels.

  1. Not Cleaning Detailing Accessories

Never use a dirty accessory while cleaning your vehicle. Accessories such as brushes, buckets, towels, etc., must be cleaned each time they are used. This simple routine will help you to avoid any issues.

  1. Use the right tools & equipment

Don’t just use anything you feel like using during car detailing. Make sure that you are using the right tools and equipment to get the desired results without spending much time and efforts on the cleaning process.

Overlooking the above mistakes can lead to major and permanent damages to your vehicle. That’s why we prefer you to hire the best agency for thorough and the right Car Detailing Service.