Need The Best Lash Extensions? Explore Its Types First

Need The Best Lash Extensions? Explore Its Types First

Looking for some best lash extensions Bentleigh? It’s better to explore its various types first.

Explore our following list of eyelash extension types for better understanding.


These lashes are not made of pure silk. These are suitable for most people as they come in medium weight. These lashes can be found in a heavier range as well, but they are not as comfortable as you expect them to be.


These are the finer and fluffiest eyelashes. These lashes are made of the lightest possible material, and the style is recommended for those who have the finest natural lashes. But these lashes are made on-demand and are not available readily. If you have allergies to animal fur, don’t buy sable lashes.

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These lashes belong to the history of Siberian mins and Chinese minks. Siberian minks are the most premium ones as they are produced from high-quality fur, which makes them most popular. If you are new to eyelashes and looking for something natural, mink lashes are the best choice. These are lightweight and fluffy. However, it could give allergies to those who are sensitive to animal fur.


Man-made eyelashes have the perfect curl that you want form any eyelash. These are not animal fur lashes. Hence, you will not get any allergies from them. So when everything goes south, choose man-made lashes.


Fox lashes are trending like nothing else. These are in their natural state. These are soft and come in a bit reddish shade. These can also be found with black tips or ombre style. If you want your eyes to look like a fox, go for fox lashes.

However, animal fur lashes look natural, they need to be permed to get the curls. This means you need to provide proper upkeeping. So if you are not one of those people who like to spend more time managing and taking care of their cosmetic collection, these lashes are not for you. But if you are ready to compromise that for getting fuller and majestic lashes, go for it without a doubt.

Faux-Mink and Faux-Fox

Yes, you read it right. You can get the best of both worlds: mink and fox. Today’s extension creators have gone innovative with their skills. These lashes provide feather-like feel and look flattering when worn properly. If you don’t want animal-based lashes, go for faux lashes that provide almost the same feel and look. These high-quality lashes are completely handmade, which comes in a variety of volume, lengthen, and comfort level.


These lashes are the heaviest and most non-natural lashes. They have a shine to them that might look lustre but looks more fake than they should be. Some people even find them too heavy on their eyelids.

So which one did you like the most?

Whichever you choose for your beautiful eyes, make sure you buy them form the professional, experienced, and authentic lash extensions Bentleigh seller.

Now grab your gadget, and look for the best online eyelash extension retailer.