Backyard Movie Night- The Perfect Way To Spend Christmas

Backyard Movie Night- The Perfect Way To Spend Christmas

Last week, my friend Emma came to me with her queries about how to spend the Christmas weekend with the whole family in a unique way.

After much discussion and counterarguments, we finally decided that Outdoor Cinema Hire Sydney is the perfect way in which you can celebrate and spend time with family and loved ones.

What is Outdoor Cinema Hire?

Outdoor Cinema Hire Sydney entails setting up a projector and movie screen in your backyard or pre-decided spot with comfortable seating arrangements and spending time watching movies or live sports events with your loved ones.

You can plan a family event or even a personal date with your better half and spend time relaxing under the starry skies.

You can even plan an outdoor screen event at any fundraisers or school events to add to the event’s charm and attract more people.

What things should you consider when planning for the outdoor movie event?

  • While selecting the perfect spot for a movie night with family, ensure the restrooms are reachable.
  • Make sure to remove any obstacles that might be dangerous while walking in the dark. After all, we don’t want to ruin our fun night because of some carelessness!
  • Make sure to make proper arrangements for refreshments like popcorn, crisps and drinks to add to your fun because we all know that no movie is complete without popcorn!
  • The screen size depends on two major factors: the venue and the size of the audience. So, choose the screen size according to the above parameters, so it does not become too overwhelming.
  • Lastly, make sure to choose movies that can fit into the taste of all the age groups in the attending audience.

You can also plan a full picnic day keeping Cinema as a part of the day. For example, you can hire a farmhouse to plan adventures and games during the day and then end the weekend with a relaxing movie and comfort food.

Another main concern is the weather!

Outdoor cinema hire doesn’t mean you can only plan outdoors. You can rent a cinema for both indoor and outdoor venues depending on the weather in your area.

In case of unpredictable weather conditions, make sure to be clear about the cancellation policies before finalising the vendor for the cinema hire.

It is always good to be ready with a contingency plan in such cases so that your evening isn’t spoiled if nature decides to ditch you.

Outdoor Cinema Hire Sydney


In the end…

Outdoor Cinema Hire Sydney is a good way to spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones, and it can be a smashing success for your event ideas if adequately planned and executed.

By making an effort and surprising your family, you can transf


orm a typical Sunday night into something special.

So, don’t wait any longer! And plan this Christmas in a cinematic way to impress your family and make it memorable for the rest of their lives.