Reasons Why Biltong Is King Of Meat Products

Reasons Why Biltong Is King Of Meat Products

Biltong is a type of jerky (dried salted beef) that’s delicious and can be used in many other culinary recipes. But good quality biltong has a few drawbacks – it can be pricey, making it difficult for savvy consumers to find good deals. But never fear, there are many varieties of biltong available today, regardless of their price tag. So read on to discover five reasons Biltong Is King Of Meat Products!

Biltong Auckland is a type of dried, fermented meat (or jerky) product that uses raw strips of meat and typically includes the skin. There are many types of biltong around, but the word generally refers to beef. You probably wouldn’t know it, though as there is a specific way individual countries prepare their own version! Here, check out five reasons why biltong is king.

  • 5 reasons why biltong is King of Meat Products

When people travel to foreign countries, they are sometimes shocked at in-store food choices. As far as biltong is concerned, Europeans can be clueless about how amazing this delicious meat product is. Biltong is cured meat that has been hung up to dry in air-tight buildings such as South Africa’s Louw Valley and Cape York. Due to these conditions, the meat dries out crispiness and flavour without losing its nutrients. It doesn’t need salt or sugar because it naturally has an amazing amount of dextrose in it from the inherent flavouring from being hung up for so long.

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This homemade cured or dried meat was originally introduced by Dutch farmers during the 1800s who would spread biltong on bread called Boiling to stretch their food supply despite the volcanic depletion of sheep flocks around that time.

  • How to choose quality biltong?

When a new meat product hits the shelves, people are bound to take notice. So, when biltong–a traditional South African meat product–appeared on grocery store shelves, people made it their latest obsession. But just because biltong is a novelty doesn’t mean you can’t be assured of the quality you’re getting your delicious hands-on. The key to telling the difference between good and bad biltong is that it must come from wild-caught animals. Ideally, the game should be clean and hung for at least 6 hours in a dry place. Through this process, optimal body moisture is preserved, and the meat gains a natural elasticity.

  • The well-known brands

The majority of the portable meat brands can sometimes taste amazing, but that does not make them efficiently raised. They could have been raised in artificial conditions for a very long time without any animals around to provide important nutrients throughout the meat. If you are looking for a meaty snack with great flavour, biltong has to be your go-to!

  • Biltong buying guide

Biltong, also known as dried beef sausage, is a type of snack found in South Africa. Biltong is typically spicy, salty, and can be a bit chewy. It usually comes in small slices with various circular cuts. Many consider biltong Auckland to be the king of meat products since it has less fat than other meats, which means biltong good for health and weight watchers.