Latest SEO Google Algorithm And Its Effect On Your Website

Latest SEO Google Algorithm And Its Effect On Your Website

Many major Top SEO Company in Ahmedabad are depanded upon Google biggest search engine in the World Wide Web and it is justified to be so. Since the time Google conceptualised in the year 1998 it has been constantly working on the betterment of its search engine algorithm. The SEO Google Algorithm has seen from minor tweaks to major updates over the last few years.

The SEO Google Algorithm keeps improvising its algorithm to give the user high quality content. This means that over a period of years it has built up the algorithm in such a way that it cuts out all the spam and gives the user the best quality content that he/she is looking for. Hence it is going to smart of you if you concentrate on the quality of the content on your website, if you want the Google search engine to be a boon for you rather than bane. To avoid losing your ranking you must ensure that you optimise your website accordingly, because even a slight drop in the ranking can cause you to lose a lot of your audience.

Rank Brain one of the last major updates of the SEO Google algorithm was announced in October 2015. A major change was brought in by utilising Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. It has now become the third most ranking signal as it can now learn and predict the behaviour of the user.

The SEO world is buzzing with the latest update in the SEO Google Algorithm. The last one week has seen a big upheaval in the ranking of the websites. The reason is a new update that has been launched by Google. This update has no name as of now. While, there were some talks going around about the Penguin update or Panda but Google officially confirmed that it was linked to neither of the two. They later confirmed that it was a core algorithm update and was not linked in any way to the other major updates.

It has been noted, according to researches that because of this update as many as 50% of the websites that figured in the top 100 ranking have lost out big time. Not on has it affected the Desktop but also the mobile SERP’s. It has been observed in the USA published websites that Brands have had boost in their ranking while on the other hand; many websites which use brand keywords in their content have gone down in the ranking.

It has been observed that educational games have had a huge leap in ranking. This goes to indicate that interactive websites will be a big advantage in the coming times. In the times to come the website owners will have to concentrate on high quality and in-depth content. Also websites with less content will tend to lose out on their ranking in the future.

It is better to be prepared than to face a sudden dip in the target audience and ranking suddenly. Try optimising your website as much as possible as per the Google standards and you would only benefit from it.