Supercharge Your SEO With Google Advanced Image Search

Supercharge Your SEO With Google Advanced Image Search

Images can be a powerful tool for your website. Not only do they add visual interest, but they also help to break up text and make the content easier to read. But more importantly, images can also help you boost your SEO – if used correctly. That’s why the Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad suggests it’s important to take advantage of Google Advanced Image Search. It can help you find, organize, and optimize the images on your site in order to maximize their SEO potential. Let’s take a look at five ways to supercharge your SEO with this useful tool.  

  • Use Keywords to Find Relevant Images 

Google Advanced Image Search allows you to search for specific terms or phrases in order to find relevant images for your website or blog post. Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad said that it’s especially helpful if you want an image that’s related to a particular topic or keyword phrase. For example, if you wanted an image of a laptop computer for an article about tech gadgets, then typing “laptop computer” into the search bar would yield results that are far more targeted than simply searching “computer”. 

  • Filter Results by Size, Color, and Type 

Another great feature of Google Advanced Image Search is the ability to filter the results by size, color, and type. This means that you can narrow down the results so that only those images that meet certain criteria show up in the search results page. For example, if you wanted an image of a laptop computer but only wanted small-sized images (e.g., thumbnails or icons), then you could use the “size” filter option and select “small” from the dropdown menu. This ensures that all of your search results will be small-sized images of laptop computers—which makes finding exactly what you need much easier!

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  • Utilize Descriptions and Captions 

Google Advanced Image Search not only provides direct access to high-quality images but it also provides descriptions and captions which can be used as part of your SEO strategy when optimizing your website or blog post for keywords related to those descriptions/captions as well as other relevant topics associated with those keywords. For instance, let’s say you’re looking for an image related to cooking utensils; typing “cooking utensils” into the search bar will bring up several images along with their accompanying descriptions/captions which could include words like “stainless steel,” “non-stick,” etc.—all words which are commonly associated with cooking utensils and could be used as part of your keyword strategy when optimizing your website or blog post for those topics as well as other related ones!  

  • Leverage Tags and Labels 

Google Advanced Image Search also allows users to leverage tags and labels associated with each image in order to further refine their searches – enabling them not only find highly relevant images quickly but also giving them access to additional information about each picture (such as its source). For example, if you were looking for an image related to cooking utensils then using labels such as “cooking,” “utensils,” “kitchenware,” etc., would enable you to narrow down the list of available images even further – allowing you to quickly locate one that meets all of your criteria!  

  • Optimize Your Images With Alt Text 

In addition to finding relevant images quickly and easily using Google Advanced Image Search tools such as filters, tags/labels, descriptions/captions etc., it’s also important that webmasters optimize those same images via alt text in order maximize their SEO benefits even further! Alt text is a way of describing what an image is depicting in simple language – something which helps both humans (by providing additional context) and search engines (by indicating what an image is about). This is where the Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad wants to sure by adding meaningful alt text when uploading any pictures onto your website – this will ensure both visitors understand what they’re seeing visually AND search engines understand what it is they’re looking at too! 


Using Google advanced image search can give you a leg up on making sure that your website has optimized visuals that will help boost its visibility online—and get better rankings on Google’s SERPs than ever before! With its keyword searches, filters based on size & color; labels & tags; descriptive captions; plus its ability optimize via Alt Text; this powerful tool truly offers everything you need supercharge & optimize all aspects of any imagery featured on site – allowing visitors get most out their visit while helping boost overall visibility & rankings too! So don’t wait – start leveraging it today with Digital45 & see how much difference it makes right away!