What Does A Financial Fraud Investigator Do?

What Does A Financial Fraud Investigator Do?

Financial fraud investigations are very complicated and involve tasks. You need to sift through a lot of information, take in all the details of what happened, and be able to spot potential criminal actions without missing anything. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about what a Financial Fraud Investigator does, including where they might work and common investigations that they might pursue.

What can a Financial Fraud Investigator do?

A Financial Fraud Investigator is a professional who investigates and prosecutes cases of financial fraud. Financial fraud investigators are typically employed by government agencies, such as the FBI, or private organizations, like the SEC. Financial fraud investigators work in various positions, including criminal investigations, white-collar crime investigations, and corporate investigations.

The majority of financial fraud investigators work in criminal investigations. Their job is to uncover and prosecute individuals who have committed financial crimes, such as investment fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime. Financial fraud investigators also work in white-collar crime investigations. This investigation focuses on corporate misconduct, such as bribery and corruption. 

Qualifications of a Financial Fraud Investigator

A financial fraud investigator (FFI) is a law enforcement officer who investigates financial crimes, such as securities and investment fraud, bank and insurance fraud, economic espionage, and mail and wire fraud.

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To be qualified for the position of FFI, an individual must have a college degree in criminal justice or a related field and experience in investigating financial crimes. Additional qualifications may include experience in tracking money laundering procedures, computer software proficiency, knowledge of securities law and business practices, and excellent oral and written communication skills.

Becoming a Financial Fraud Investigator

A financial fraud investigator is a specialist in detecting, investigating, and prosecuting financial crimes. They work for banks and other financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies. Financial fraud investigators use various investigative techniques to identify and prosecute criminals who are responsible for financial scams and crimes. They also work to protect innocent people from being scammed.

To be a successful financial fraud investigator, you need to have strong investigative skills. You must be able to analyze complex data and identify suspicious activity. In addition, you will need good communication skills. You will often have to communicate with victims, witnesses, and suspects.

If you want to become a financial fraud investigator, you need to have a law enforcement or investigative science background. You will also need the ability to read and write well. You should have experience working with computers and electronic data storage systems. Finally, you should have good courtroom skills.


As the world becomes more technologically advanced, individuals need to be aware of various financial crimes that may occur. Financial Fraud investigators are responsible for investigating these crimes and helping to protect innocent people from being taken advantage of.