Why Aldi Coffee is the Best Coffee You’ll Ever Taste

Why Aldi Coffee is the Best Coffee You’ll Ever Taste

Coffee at Aldi may just be the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, and we’re here to tell you why that’s true. It all starts with the roasting process, which in most cases leaves other brands’ beans tasting burnt or bitter, but Aldi Coffee doesn’t miss a beat because it doesn’t over roast their beans, instead of roasting them just enough to bring out their fullest flavour potential and leaving the light and smooth.

How does Aldi coffee taste so good?

Turns out, Aldi’s got some of its secrets hidden in plain sight. For example, they only buy fair trade and organic coffee beans. Plus, because of their buying power, they’re able to offer organic coffee for a fraction of what you’d pay at most retailers. These high-quality beans are so fresh that you can drink them within a week or two after roasting—rather than having to drink stale coffee or grind up your grounds and start over like other brands might make you do. One sniff and sip later, I was convinced that I had discovered my new favourite cup of coffee: smooth, rich, full-bodied and bold in flavour with no bitterness. And did I mention how affordable it is?

Aldi Coffee

Where do they source their beans?

Rather than buying from a large coffee bean supplier, Aldi doesn’t rely on one distributor for its coffee. Instead, it purchases beans from an eclectic group of farmers and distributors around the world to ensure only fresh; high-quality beans make their way into its stores. Some of these countries include Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico and even India. In addition to countries around the globe, Aldi also sources from various regions within each country in order to maintain as much freshness as possible. There are no long-term contracts with any third party suppliers; instead, Aldi signs short-term contracts that can be easily broken in case of poor performance or if it finds a better deal elsewhere.

Do I have to use milk with it?

We’re sorry to say, but you will have to use milk if you want a milky coffee. Aldi’s own brand of coffee comes pre-ground in a variety of blends and strengths. We’ve tried it black, and it tastes amazing, but unfortunately, adding milk or cream messes with its taste. The good news is that we think there are far better ways for you to spend your money on other tasty treats from Aldi – try their delicious fruit juices instead! They come in an array of flavours, and they make great smoothies too! Most importantly, though, as with all food that has to be blended together before drinking (that includes tea), never put them into a closed blender while they are still hot.

What so special about Aldi Coffee

If you haven’t tried Aldi coffee, where have you been? Probably hiding under a rock (joking)! And if that’s the case, get off your ass and try some of their coffee because it’s seriously amazing. There are 3 main reasons why I love buying my coffee from Aldi: First off, they roast their own beans on-site. This means that everything is fresh, and delicious and costs less than what most other stores charge for standard brands like Folgers or Maxwell House. Secondly, they have an endless selection to choose from – not just in ground coffee either.