How To Install a Bi Fold Door: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Install a Bi Fold Door: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to add style and functionality to your home, installing a bi-fold door is a great way to do it. Bi Fold Doors Melbourne is an attractive and relatively inexpensive way to increase the space in your home, and they can be installed almost anywhere. In this article, we’ll discuss how to install a bi-fold door step by step.

Install the frame and open the door

Now that you’ve got your frame in place, it’s time to install the door. Before you begin this step, make sure the door is level and square–if it isn’t, you’ll have a hard time getting them aligned later on.

  • Make sure the bottom of your bi-fold door is perfectly flat against its tracks when closed (this will help ensure that your hinges are working properly). If needed, adjust any screws or brackets at this point so that everything lines up correctly with no gaps between panels.
  • Once everything looks good from behind your new door, flip over onto its front side and check out how things look from there–you’ll want all four sides flush with each other before moving on!

Measure and cut the door panel

Measure and cut the door panel. Measure the width of your door frame, then measure its height and add 1/8 inch to each measurement. Cut your new bi-fold door panel to these dimensions using a circular saw (or other tools). If possible, have someone help you hold it steady while you cut; this will keep things more accurate than trying to do it alone!

Next, make sure that both sides of your newly cut bi-fold panel are flat and square with each other–this means they should be parallel as well as perpendicular at all points along their length. You may need some extra wood shims or clamps if one side is slightly bowed or angled due to being thicker than the other side due to knots or uneven grain patterns in its construction materials.

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Attach the door panel

  • Place the door panel on a level surface.
  • Check it with a spirit level to make sure it’s truly flat and square. If it isn’t, adjust as necessary until you have a perfectly flat surface for attaching the hinges later on in this step-by-step guide.
  • Use a tape measure to ensure that your door panels are exactly the same length, width, and height (in mm). If they’re not all three of those things, then use pencil marks to mark where each hinge will go so you can drill pilot holes into them later on during the installation of your bi-fold doors.

Install hardware for the doors

Before installing your bi fold door hardware, make sure the doors are level and adjust them if needed. You can use shims or spacers to level the doors if they are not already level with each other.

Once you have adjusted the height of your doors, check that they open and close properly by opening one side of your bi fold door while holding onto its handle. Make sure that no light is visible between either side’s frame when it is closed; if this happens, you may need to adjust one side higher than another (or vice versa) until both sides match up perfectly with each other in height when closed.


The first step to installing Bi Fold Doors Melbourne is to install the frame and open it. Next, measure and cut the door panel, then attach it to the frame with hinges or other hardware. Finally, install any locks or latches needed for safety purposes before using your new door!