How to Use Social Media to Improve Your SEO

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your SEO

Social media may seem like it’s just for fun and that you’re not supposed to actually use it as a marketing tool. But the reality is that social media can be used to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, if you’re already using social media platforms or trying to start one, there are some specific steps you should take in order to make sure your efforts are helpful for SEO Adelaide.

Post often and regularly.

Posting often is a necessary part of social media marketing, but it’s also important to do so wisely. The goal should be to post something new every 24 hours or so—but not too often that you’re spamming your followers with irrelevant posts or making them feel like they’ve got nothing left to look forward to by following you on social media. 

As per the seo Adelaide Experts, make sure each post has an attached link back to your site so that people who see it can easily find out more about what you have in store for them!

Use images, video and interactive content.

Images, video and interactive content are all great ways to help your seo Adelaide. Images provide an overview of your content, while videos provide a visual representation of the information you’re providing. Interactive content allows users to interact with what you have posted. If a user clicks on an image or link in your post (which we’ll discuss later), it will take them somewhere else on the internet where they can learn more about that particular topic.

You may be wondering how much time should go into creating these types of posts. The truth is that there’s no set amount—you have to decide which ones work best for each individual piece of content based on its purpose and context within Google search results pages (SERPs). Some examples include:

  • An infographic explaining how using social media has helped improve search engine rankings for businesses who use it as part one step towards improving their organic visibility;

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Localize your content.

Localizing your content is important for two reasons: first, it helps you to understand the needs of local users, and second, it’s good for search engine optimization (SEO). The latter can be achieved by using geo-targeting on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, along with keyword research in order to optimize your posts for each specific area.

The seo Adelaide Experts suggest using local keywords when possible but don’t overdo it! If a user searches “Lamborghini”, then they should see nothing but Lamborghinis in their results—not other cars or people who work at Lamborghini headquarters.

Engage with your followers.

  • Respond to comments. You want to show that you’re listening, and responding to questions is a great way of doing so.
  • Ask questions in return. For example, if someone asks how they can get more followers on Instagram, ask them what kind of content they’d like from you (i.e., photos or videos) and then share their answers with everyone else who asked your question!
  • Share links within your community. This will help people find other people who share similar interests as well as provide an added benefit: when others click through those links, they’ll also see more posts from you!


You can use social media to improve your seo Adelaide. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re not posting original content, it’s probably not going to help you with search engines. In fact, it will only hurt you if your site is pinged by Google robots and put on a blacklist.