How Does the Age of Your Blog Post Affect Your Rankings?

How Does the Age of Your Blog Post Affect Your Rankings?

SEO consultants are often asked if it’s better to write new blog posts or update older posts in order to boost SEO rankings, as per SEO consultants Gold Coast. The answer, of course, depends on the circumstances; every situation needs to be considered individually in order to get the best results possible. However, there are a few general guidelines that can help you figure out if you should write new posts or update old ones to achieve the highest rankings possible.

The ultimate guide for blogging about dating

There’s no right or wrong answer to whether you should write about dating on your food or travel site. It all depends on who you want to reach. If you are an SEO consultant looking for exposure, then blog posts about dating will probably do better in some areas than others. However, if your site covers a niche topic like gluten-free cooking, it might be better to avoid topics that can be easily located on other websites.

One month old – getting started

If you want to become an SEO consultant, remember that SEO is an ongoing process, and it takes some time to master. If you’re just starting out, focus on providing valuable content that gives your readers what they want. This will help improve your site’s authority and your rankings over time. Remember: SEO isn’t one-and-done; it’s a process of continuous improvement, which takes commitment and practice. Here are two great ways to get started.

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Three months old – now it gets harder

Just like a new baby, after three months, you’re starting to get recognized and accepted by your online community. You still have work to do if you want to keep growing. But hey, with age comes experience—and in your case, maturity. At three months old, you’re ready for a few more pieces of content and a little more promotion. Remember: Just because activity was difficult when you were first born doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever! If blogging is challenging for you now, learn from some tips for getting over writer’s block. And even though two to three months isn’t so long ago, remember how far you’ve come—and don’t forget how much farther there is to go! Celebrate your progress today.

Six months old – should you be worried?

Generally speaking, content on your website will get more links and perform better in search as it ages. That’s why SEO consultants Gold Coast recommend holding off on content creation for a few months after you launch your site. Wait six months to a year, he says, before putting together that e-book or creating those helpful PDF guides; by then, people will be more willing to link to your content and share it with their friends.

Ten months old – congratulations, you did it!

Suppose you’ve recently written a new post that is ten months old, congrats! You have what is considered to be a very young piece on your site, and it seems that recent updates are ranking well. It could be that you see good results because there are still people linking to and talking about your content (without competition), or maybe Google views posts with more recent updates as fresh. Whatever it is, it looks like these rankings will stick around for some time!